Rose cultural group

Cultural programs are the most effective tools for educating the illiterate population. Awareness program are given prime importance among Read foundation’s activities. The Rose cultural team consisting of 13 members plays an important role in communicating the message on themes like child rights, labour rights, human rights, issues of sumangali scheme working environment, status of young women workers health and the role of their parents etc. Through in folkdance, Songs, Drama, Puppet show etc. During this year the cultural program were conducted in 156 villages of 13 blocks of Pudukkottai district and reached out 95000 people.


Residential School

With the sublime goal ‘Education to All’ the government of India has introduced residential schools for non school going and dropout children. Read foundation is also running a residential school at residential school at Annavasal. At present there are 38 children in this school. Education is taught following ability based learning method which is suitable to the children to learn quickly and perform well. After one year education in the residential school the children will the enrolled in the nearest mainstream school to continue formal education.

This school gas produced the following results.

  • Reduction of non-school going children.
  • Reduction of school dropouts.
  • Rejoined the dropout in to mainstream school.
  • Sloping of child labour.
  • Reduction the number of child right children.